Summer Bummer, 20 (172.)

Rusted, gutted, overall emptied,
barren and dilapidated,
forlorn, lonely,
lacking, incomplete,
holes to be filled,
void stopped up
with a tanker of swill,
the soul, the will,
dirty, unclean,
viper-tongued maw
spitting words too mean,
brain just a stopgap
on the mad rush to feeling,
overtaken by emotions,
frantic, reeling,
kneeling on the altar of a whim,
fancies wheeling
through ceiling and roof,
thoughts training for dreaming,
the thinker sits aloof
in a shack, beaming,
stealing grandeur from visions,
delusions take over,
so taken by imagination,
really not sober,
reality comprised of more than
words, words, the words are all wrong,
flourish the quill in daylight,
catch a sunbeam, and
compose a new song.


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