Summer Bummer, 19 (171.)

I just wanna
read books and write stuff,
write poems and rants and
edit things,
make words as enticing as possible,
I just wanna,

That too,
I just wanna fuck,
I just wanna meet a nice person
and hold hands and get real close,
I just wanna do cute stuff
and intimate stuff,
I’m a pretty awkward dude
but I think I could be good
at loving somebody
like that.

Romance, it’s
been a long time.
I’ve almost forgotten how it works
for me,
but I’m trying to remember
with every message
and statement
I make.

I wanna start a
loving slow burn
that doesn’t flash kindling to cinders
and end in tired ashes.
I want to feel the warmth of our time,
and sit with space
to breathe and read and write and love,
to live.


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