Thank the Maker, Some Sweet Release

Have you ever sat down a few hours before a deadline and rushed through whatever project is due in a short amount of time? Yeah, that’s what final papers do to me. I’ve got about a week or so (okay, eight days to be exact) left before I can officially kiss this semester goodbye, and I’ve been freaking out because as of three days ago I had two long essays to write before tonight.

But then, tonight – oh, tonight. I got home after driving my car home from Pep Boys and proceeded to eat my dinner as fast as I could stomach so I could begin a mad dash to the end of a seven-page paper. Okay, seven pages really isn’t that many, but to me it’s a lot – I come from a community college, where the longest paper was about five pages long and most professors are more lax than ex-Ex-lax. That stuff don’t need to work no more!

Anywho, I started the slow process of getting the damn ball rolling, and I thought I’d barely beat the deadline – when I filled out my seventh page around nine o’clock. My paper is due at eleven o’clock. Holy mother of mercy, I managed to turn it in with two hours to spare!

Do you know what that means, good readers? Do you know what wonderful things that entails?


This thing!


And this thing!


Even this thing!

Arnold Palmer is confused by his can prison, but I'm not.

Arnold Palmer is confused by his can prison, but I’m not.

To top all my sweet gaming freedom off, I also have a good drank. Ya gotta have good dranks when you sit down for a relaxing gaming session.

My 3DS, my Wii U, my beautifully-sized tv – these are a few of my favorite things, and now that I’m mostly done with my schoolwork for this semester I may enjoy them to the fullest. What’s that, you say? I said I’m only “mostly done”? Yeah, that’s the bummer of it all; despite finishing the two big ol’ papers and presenting/talking to one of my classes about Felicia Day, I’ve still got one more assignment to complete and two final exams with which to contend. Studies never end for a college student! Not that studying should ever end, we’re all on this wondrous Earth for a good chunk of time so we may as well learn about it and its people.

So there you have it: I’m just about done with school for the nonce and I’ll be able to fully enjoy the wintry nights. I’ll bundle up in a few layers of clothing every night, turn the heat up a li’l, and sit back with a controller in my hand. Things ain’t over, of course – this is just a lull in the persistent cycle of college/adult life – but I’m taking my time to enjoy myself when I can. I hope you folks enjoy yourselves too. Happy gaming!


Whoa, it’s December

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted on this site. It’s not that I dropped all the games I’ve been playing – far from it, actually! I’ve just been pretty damn busy with schoolwork, and the next few weeks don’t look to be any lighter on the homework front so I figure I should get some posting off my chest before school drives me up the wall and even along the ceiling. Without further ado, then.

My God, what is that? Let's jump back 12 or 13 years, eh?

My God, what is that? Let’s jump back 12 or 13 years, eh?

Aye, for those in the know, that’s a Wii U with one of those snazzy new GameCube controller adapters and a Super Smash Bros. edition GameCube controller. I ain’t tryna brag, I’m just tryna demonstrate why I’ve been out of commission for so long: I’ve been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U, you see. In a way, I feel ripped off because I already did so much work in the 3DS version to get trophies, and I’ve got to do the same basic stuff again (run through Classic and All-Star modes with all the characters, do the Home-Run Contest with urryone, et cetera) to ensure I’ve got all the damn unlockables I got in the 3DS game. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Yet, it’s oddly soothing, in a mind-numbing, “I’ve done this so many times it’s brainless” sort of way. I’ve even decided to switch mains (I was super stoked to bring the Pac-Attack on the 3DS but now I’m shootin’ charge beams and missiles as Samus – woot) and playing online is a blast. I have to wonder if I piss people off with all those projectiles, but hey, as competitive types say, if you can’t deal with the pressure, that’s your bad.

Anyway, onto my growing backlog. Despite my severe lack of extra dollars, I managed to afford a few games during Nintendo’s “Cyber Deal” promotion – namely, Wario Land 3 and Metroid II: Return of Samus on the 3DS and Wario Land 4 on the Wii U. I can’t play Wario Land 3 until I beat Wario Land 2, which I haven’t even begun, and I can’t play Metroid II until I beat Metroid – which, even with the awesome save state feature on the 3DS’s Virtual Console, is frustrating. This means I have at least, like, five games I’ve got to play through this winter, not counting the Super Smash Bros. grindfest.

I would say I’m getting bored of my pixelated distractions, but that’d be a lie. If anything, I’m just anxious because games are turning my attention away from my schoolwork. Yeah, there are only about two or three weeks left in the fall semester, but I’ve still got to write two lengthy essays and take a few final exams – how will I continue to hone my missile-launching skills when I’ve got to type about Arthur’s fear of death in the Alliterative Morte Arthure? I suppose I’ll have to, you know, put the games down for a while. Damn. Damn it all to damnation. This semester has been dragging for a while but I can make it, man. I can get through this final hoop and proceed to enjoy the winter break. Cold air, warm controller, layers of clothing – I’m jazzed, folks. I’ve just got to get my homework done. Whenever that happens, I think you guys may want to expect some sort of retrospective – I’m still gathering the courage to put my unwanted games up for sale, and that means I’ll be looking at a lot of old games with fond memories attached. Happy gaming, folks.


It’s Wednesday Night

Yep, and that means a few things. First, the radio is on so I may listen to The Music of America, a local program that focuses on “big bands, blues, ballads, and Broadway,” as the tagline goes. I love everything having to do with jazzy older songs so I do my best to tune into this program when it airs on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

I hear more than Radio Gaga. Phew, my ears still work!

I hear more than Radio Gaga. Phew, my ears still work!

Of course, there’s more to do than enjoy the fine musical styles of yesteryear; I’ve also got some homework I should be doing, but, y’know, this blog calls to me. I swear, I was getting prepared to read a bit before I decided to update this site. The proof is in the picture:

It's a pretty good book so far. Compelling and thought-provoking. I dig it.

It’s a pretty good book so far. Compelling and thought-provoking. I dig it.

Of course, the way I’ve been operating, I start four tasks at once and dash about madly trying to finish them; for the past two hours I’ve been juggling my daily Animal Crossing routine, the urge to blog, a need to finish my homework, and a strong desire to play Skyrim. Oh, Skyrim. Lovely cold lands of strong people and steady adventures. I’m in the midst of trying to put the finishing touches on my in-game house, because I finally decided to embrace the customizable manors offered by the Hearthfire DLC. Yeah, that’s the fun thing about big open games like Skyrim: I can play the damn thing for going on three years (November 11th, here I come!) and still boot it up every now and again and find something to do. I have to question myself though: do I boot it up because it’s fun or do I boot it up because I’m obsessed with crossing things off lists?

Witness the face and the name of compulsion. Menial tasks, ahoy!

Witness the face and the name of compulsion. Menial tasks, ahoy!

See how I’ve only got one sabre cat tooth? I need three more to complete the decoration/furnishing of my sweet new house. Every time I manage to track down a sabre cat and slay it, I find no teeth to harvest. I’m starting to sound like a creepy poacher but I promise, I earned those spoils fair and square! Now, this is the age of fast computers: I’ve looked into this issue on the good ol’ interweb. Apparently, I’ve been a fool because I’ve neglected to save my game before each sabre cat encounter, for if I don’t find a much needed tooth I can just reload that save and kill the creature again. Save scumming … it looks like I may need to resort to it. I can also check out various shops to see if some sabre cat teeth are available to purchase, but I don’t think very many merchants are going out of their ways to grapple with a ferocious killer feline. So I’ve got a weird path ahead of me, replete with saving and reloading and reloading and reloading some more. Yay modernity?

On another note, I may have to go back on something I said in my previous post: I mentioned that with the end of October, I am ready to put creepiness behind me. Well, that’s a lie in a few ways, the first of which is this: I read “creepy” literature whenever I get a chance. That book sitting atop my radio in the picture above is a compendium of strange tales and scary stories, and I’m still slogging through it. School makes it hard to read for pleasure, but I take my fun reading opportunities when I can. The second way I lied is that, well, school also makes it hard to afford certain pleasures. However, a good friend of mine lent me this beauty last night:

Oh boy. It looks like I'll be scaring piss into my pants yet again.

Oh boy. It looks like I’ll be scaring piss into my pants yet again.

My friend bought this game right around Halloween time and he finished it last night. Being the nice guy he is, he brought it over so I can experience the horror for myself. As a huge fan of Resident Evil 4, and hearing that The Evil Within is like a revamped modern iteration of RE4 gameplay-wise, I’m pretty damn excited. Yet I still booted up Skyrim; I’ve got this compulsion to finish up my decorating, and after that I’ll want to transfer all my important stuff into my new abode. It’s like real life, except I’ve got gnarly armor and a big-ass sword with which I defend my possessions! Once the move in Skyrim is complete, however, I will delve into The Evil Within. I promise you that.

If I make it out with my sanity, I’ll see you folks on the other side.