Random Thoughts, March 30th, 2022

Since I don’t know where else to put them, here are some random thoughts from today.

You’ve cheered for Nascar; you’ve researched Sasquatch. Now get ready for Nasquatch: ’cause big feet mean big acceleration.

I gotta go, ’cause I got me a drop-top, and if I hit the switch, she can fuck all night.

Okay, I stole that last one and reconfigured it. What can I say, messing with well-known lyrics fills me with joy.


Sick Even in Sleep

I dreamed that I
met someone I saw on Tinder (in passing)
and I invited her to my parents’ old house
with much confidence.
Along the way,
I gave myself insulin a few times,
and when we had a moment to ourselves,
she attached a machine to my leg
and checked my blood sugar.
I fell in love immediately.
When I woke up, I could tell
my blood sugar was high as the moon.
There are some things
I have to do for myself,
and while I’d appreciate some help,
I know my body better than anybody.
Still, thank you, dream woman –
you knew my danger before I did.