Pics Or

If I didn’t Tweet it, did it happen?
If I didn’t ‘gram it, did it happen?
If I’m not on Discord, did it happen?
If Zuck can’t sell it, did it happen?
If I don’t write it, did it happen?
When and how the hell does anything happen?


What’s In the Navel

I’ve felt a little lost lately. Though I do not wander at all. The sound of my keyboard shouting reminds me that a while back, I planned to buy a new keyboard. A better one. I don’t even know what constitutes an improvement when it comes to keyboards, but mine is so noisy. And generic. I’ve been pondering a mechanical keyboard. I think that’s a good one. I reach endlessly for little improvements to my life and my possessions and my habits, hoping the next little leap will be enough, and it never is. I look outward too much. I need to look inward.