The Stillness of Remembering

Well do it then,
or don’t;
maybe stop and think,
or don’t;
keep it up –
can you?
What makes you think this is even
what compels you to

It was at that moment I decided to listen
to Fleetwood Mac again,
to sink into songs that most people know,
to blast Rhiannon into my ears
then sing a soft rendition of Dreams,
in my room,
and imagine heading to a karaoke bar
for the first time in years,
to put some of my soul
into words
and let people hear them,
and when I remember that the pandemic
puts a stop to all that,
I think
maybe this is why people
buy personal karaoke machines,
you can buy those, right?

Some songs are great for everyone,
but they mean something special to me.
I won’t forget
the times that Dreams got me through the night,
and I kept my visions to myself,
and I walked outside
to love the moon.


2 thoughts on “The Stillness of Remembering

    • Right?! There were a few months back in my grocery store days when I’d count the money in the cash office, and I’d play “Dreams” on repeat … it was some attempt to remind myself that life could be more than sitting in a stuffy office, and minding a corporation’s ill-gotten gains.

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