Elements of Being

Heart of fire,
mind like water,
seeping into everything,
fitting most containers
and remaining itself.

My brain douses my heart.
More often than not,
I overthink
my life into oblivion,
so action becomes tiresome
and I stay inert.

I may need to jump into something –
to leap from a mountaintop
and let inertia carry me.
My thoughts can’t
tarry me,
and it’s time I
let my heart be a lantern.


2 thoughts on “Elements of Being

  1. Sometimes, we must let our hearts speak and lead the way and path that our brains overthink (sometimes). Very beautifully said, and it’s especially good advice if one has been holding themselves back.

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    • I’ve turned restraint into an art form, and now I want nothing more than to stoke the flame of my life. Thank you for your kind words – they mean a lot, and I’m always happy to see your name in my inbox.

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