In the dream,
she let me borrow her console.
We walked to her house
to make dinner.
I met all her brothers
in the living room,
and I didn’t have to learn their names yet.
Her dad passed by and said “We’ll see
you in the morning. We’ll have breakfast.”
Her mom threw a cat to me,
and I caught the cat.
The cat struggled, then snuggled.
I freed the cat.
The boys filtered into our room.
We wandered back to the living room.
She wore gloves beneath our blanket,
and when I reached for her,
her hand started fidgeting.
Her sisters sat with us,
and I listened as they talked.
Everyone meandered on their way,
and she leaned into me
and asked “What do we do now?”
I had no idea, so I said
“Do you wanna go outside,
find some sticks, and have a sword fight?”
I thought I was reaching, but
she laughed and said “Yes!”
It was the best first date
I never had.


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