Poetry, rambling


Dear [insert name of shitty public official here],

You’re something like scum. Not quite scum because even scum is better than you. I wish I knew how to bottle fire in secret. So I could throw it at your house. I’m not that violent, but the things you’ve done, they piss me right the fuck off. How dare you arrive where you’re not invited? How dare you take money from longer-standing pockets? Not that length of tenure has anything to do with pay owed … but you’re not even from here. And you demand an obscene amount of cash. Fuck you. The people who work with you are all resigning. They’ve resigned themselves to your lordly bloated ways. The nerve of you, to pay yourself twice their wage. With less than half their time in the job. Fuck you, again. Fuck you to death, over and over. Way to clear out the board room and make way for your shitty bloated friends. I hope we learn to bleed you out before you bleed our city dry. Or I really will have to learn to bottle fire in secret. You’ve earned first-degree burns for your hubris.

With nothing but contempt,
a pissed-off citizen


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