Soundwaves and Empathy, or, Crushing on Phoebe Bridgers

I looked it up.
Phoebe was not born under Scorpio skies,
rather, she’s leonine
and I, alas, am a Pisces.
So I looked up the compatibility,
as though there are only
twelve types of people in this world,
and all kinds of other factors
just don’t matter.
Yes, I am me, but I become fixated
on being some type, part of a larger group,
and maybe my group
fits well with some other group –
but how do I fit in with other individuals?
Could I sit down and have a coffee with Phoebe?
If I made eggs or soup or sandwiches or something,
would I share them with Phoebe, even if (heaven forbid),
she told me my cooking was meh?
Could I read poetry out loud to her
without feeling too embarrassed?
Would I slip into goofy voices
and have a rollicking good laugh?
If I am indeed a solitary puzzle piece,
where are the pieces who fit with me?
The picture is already here.
I already connect to a lot of good people.
I’d like to make the picture more vibrant,
and our connections more vivid –
so could we
splash more color on the whole thing
and have a dance party?
We’ve never met,
but Phoebe’s music
makes me feel things.
Sad, happy, thoughtful …
we’ve already connected
on some level, thanks to soundwaves
and empathy,
and that’s amazing enough
for me.


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