Poetry, rambling


I’ve been injecting insulin into my stomach in the hopes that the bumps on my arms disappear.

I woke up early every day last week to drive to the office. Then I stayed there and worked for at least 8 hours before going home, more tired than ever before, hoping that I’ll finally fall asleep at a “decent” hour.

I make my lunch the nights before I work, so I don’t have to rush so much in the morning.

I bought creamer for the apartment and the office so if I want to sleep in just a little bit, I can make coffee at work.

I started setting my outfits on my extra chair before I go to bed, so I don’t have to throw things together in the morning.

I’ve still set alarms for 7:30, 7:45, 8:00 AM, as I try to readjust to the mornings.

I can still stay awake until 3 AM, I just make sure I’m in bed long before that, and no matter how tired I might feel, I still get out of bed early the next day.

Some days I won’t start work until 10 AM, and if I do, I still stay until 6 PM or even 7 PM to get my hours in.

I set out a glass every night before watering days, so I can just fill it up and give hydration to my thirsty plants.

I’ve been answering texts faster now, not always immediately, but when I have time; I don’t want to forget and leave someone waiting.

I pick up my newish knitting needles and practice casting on. One day I’ll finally figure out how to make a stitch.

I open the thousand-page novel and read at least ten pages a day. I aim for fifty, but if I’m tired, ten pages suit me just fine.

I get emails from a website dabbling in mysticism, and I’ve started using them as a sign that I should practice reading my actual Tarot cards.

I follow music threads on Spotify and listen to bands I haven’t heard of before, in the hopes that some will stick, and I’ll expand my musical horizons.

I’m not drinking coffee after 6 PM, not anymore.

I’d drink coffee after 6 PM if social gatherings were safe, and we planned on making a night of things.

I drink my whole huge water bottle every day, twice a day.

I don’t turn on any video games after 11 PM, ’cause I know they’ll suck me in until my eyes are bloodshot and I say to myself “You should have gone to bed two hours ago”.

I initiate conversations in the hopes that people want to know me better; I want to know them better.

I’m trying a lot of little new things. They might make my life better, a little bit at a time.


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