Countdown, 2 (365.)

Leap years are funny,
but that’s not important right now.

What’s important is the time that’s ticking away
faster and faster every day,
I can hardly keep up
and tasks pile on by the hour.

I have a problem
whereby I tell myself
“This surely won’t take that long”
and I put it off
only to find it leaping onto my aching back
three days later,
along with all the other tasks I put off,
until there’s a tower of work
crushing me beneath its weight.

I put this on myself, quite literally.

Yet I’m sick of complaining.
No, I swear, I am sick of it.
I’m sure you are too.
So with this whole new year approaching,
it’s time I used my time wisely.

I shall dismantle the tower,
floor by floor and
piece by piece
until there is nothing on my back
but hopes, dreams, and joy;
I will live the life
I want to have.


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