Countdown, 1 (366.)

Oh shit, the sun’s
come up again. I mean
oh yay, the sun’s
come up again.

I have not yet gone to sleep.
Another example of bad habits
getting the badder of me.
Did I write that right?
Oh well, you know what I mean.

I mean to say,
I had a few great resolutions
a year ago.
Something about sleeping more,
and speaking my mind,
and not wasting time –
I can’t remember,
exactly, but I know
I’ve become sorta lost
as of late.

So now that we’ve suffered
one awful planetary revolution,
can we promise
to actuate a few awesome
humanitarian revolutions?
Something like,
equity, fair treatment,
and time for personal projects?
How about billion-dollar fortunes
sundered into care packages
for the disenfranchised?

Hell yeah.
Will we finally celebrate
a year of communism?
Please, sweet people,
let’s strengthen our communities.

I’m rambling again.
I make no lofty promises for the next year.
I’ll keep on writing,
and keep on living,
and keep on
trying to do better.

Thank you.


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