Countdown, 14 (353.)

Feed Willow, check.
Brew coffee, check.
Drink water, check.
Food for self? Check.
Attend only meeting today? Check.
Get inspired and send science-related poetry to colleagues? Sure, check.
That last one is my finest moment of the week.
Figure out which grants are pursuable with the time I have? Workin’ on it.
Listen to good music while I work, check.
Take breaks for more water and sanity checks, check.
Pet Willow, check.
Water plants, check.
Prepare for weekend, oh yeah, check.
Maybe log off early and work a little on the weekend? Potential check.

Some days, working from home
feels like a monumental undertaking.
This week has been pretty good though.
Got most of my hours in.
It’s time to take a break
and recharge for the next go-round.


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