Countdown, 18 (349.)

You can’t always just
quit a bad habit cold turkey,
you can’t just
go to bed right now
(it’s 3:13 AM as I write this)
and wake up in five hours
to quaff a cup of coffee,
bolt out the door,
and “reset” your sleep schedule.
It’s called a fucking circadian rhythm,
and you’ve been playing
all the notes
in all the wrong ways
for far too long.
I’m not trying to discourage you
from, well, trying,
but I am warning you
that it’s gonna take consistent effort
to get that rhythm to a good place.
A good pace, really.
So go to bed.
Sleep for five-ish hours
and slap your poor brain with caffeine.
Trudge through the day, feign
excitement, and then
go to bed earlier tomorrow.
Keep it up.
You might become a morning dancer.


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