Countdown, 25 (342.)

So far behind
and not enough will
to finish anything,
I am undone.
I need to stick to plans,
for once, and maybe
this will put me on the right path.
Self-censure is too easy at this juncture,
and I find it difficult
to offer forgiveness
to myself.
Everyone else gets
a million free passes,
and I,
all I get
are guilty feelings
at the mirror in the afternoon,
staring at me
and wondering
how I slept so late.
Go to bed,
wake up,
try again,
just keep trying,
eventually you’ll make the change,
you’ve got to,
you must.
No fuss –
just listen to the voices that say
you can get along with others.
Make it so, and know
you’re not all bad.


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