Countdown, 29 (338.)

Like snow in the early morning,
I want to be a welcome surprise
(for some, not all).
I want folks to open their shutters
and see me there,
glistening and smiling,
and react how they will.
Not everyone likes the winter,
and that’s okay.
Those who want me
will put on their coats
and rush out to meet me,
maybe embrace me;
some will even fall into my being,
and be covered by me.
I’d like to be so close to a person.
Like the snow that stays on a jacket,
I want to be
with people who love me.
It’s about time we had some
precipitation appreciation.
This is my way of saying
I’d like to fall for someone
in several ways,
calm and slow,
harsh and quick,
and even to fall so hard
no one can see clearly anymore.
To cover someone in my love.
Let me be
the gift that falls from heaven
without burning along the way.


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