Chill Days, 28 (333.)

It looks like half of us
base most of our lives around coffee,
and some days I wonder
what this does to the environment,
with the way coffee production
uses so much water,
but I really don’t know much about it
and I should do some research.
I’ve also read a lot of bios
that state boldly
“Don’t substitute [insert food or beverage here] for a personality.”
And I took that personally.
’cause for a hot minute,
I think I considered making my coffee addiction
about one-third of my Tinder profile.
Are there days when I don’t drink coffee?
Sure, but they’re rare.
Almost as rare as the days
when I drink only one cup of coffee.
Do I run on coffee?
Of course not – I drink water too, I stay hydrated.
Does most of my energy come from coffee?
Probably not, I eat food too.
Would I still be me without coffee?
Yes. Yes I would still be me without the caffeine.
Will I test this theory?
If I stop drinking the mean electric beans,
I’ll test myself for existence every day
and keep you posted.
Thank you, for handling my
ridiculous musings.
This has been a poem predominated by coffee
as I try to convince everyone
that I don’t base my life around coffee.


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