Chill Days, 24 (329.)

The car repairs
cost maybe a little more, but maybe a little less
than I anticipated,
I had a broad window for the cost of that shit,
knowing how when one thing is broken,
a few other things are probably broken.
I had to get up pretty early to get there,
though I still hit “Snooze”
a couple times,
and I squeezed in a half-hour
of Animal Crossing before I left.
Took me like ten minutes
to reconnect the battery,
which would have been embarrassing
if someone was watching me
unless it was Truman Show-style,
then I’d just shrug it off
and laugh at the absurdity.
Parasitic drains, man.
They sound cooler than they are.
Hopefully, with some time and some money,
this car will be
okay for driving around town.
I’m crossing my fingers, you know?
Please just give me something
I can drive for fifteen minutes.


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