Chill Days, 16 (321.)

to the end of something,
the year, I guess,
and it’s funny
that I had to complete onboarding tasks
from a little more than a year ago.
I could have sworn
I went through all that stuff last November,
but it’s possible
that I had to do it again
’cause most volunteers only stick around
for a year.
I’m certainly an odd duck,
choosing to serve for another year.
Oh well.
I like the people I work with,
and things are all upended right now.
I want to stick with folks I know,
and do good work
that I can mostly believe in.
I’m forgetting what positivity is,
in the middle of this fucked up pandemic,
but I like to think
I might remember optimism
if I can just take a well-deserved break.


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