Chill Days, 5 (310.)

Some days, I think of what my stats are,
and if I was a character in Fallout 4,
I think I’d look something like this:

Strength: 2
Perception: 4
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 3
Luck: 4

Jesus, that’s hard to pin down.
Most days, I’d think my luck is average,
and my charisma is my greatest asset,
but I’ve been thinking about Fallout’s old traits.
In the old games, one could pick traits,
which granted bonuses
while adding a negative side-effect.
See, I have a lot of charisma,
but honestly,
some days I’m not very confident.
So maybe on my good days, my charisma would be boosted
to 9 or something,
and on bad days,
it falls to 4.
I honestly think my luck should be 5,
but hey, I only had 28 points to work with.
Did I do the math right?
I only have 5 intelligence, man.
The other day
my old friend saw me pick up on something
and he said
“Dude, you have 10 perception.”
I don’t think I’m that good,
but sometimes, I am pretty observant.
Still, I think it’s mostly about
high charisma
and decent intelligence, for me.
Physically, I’m no hunk.
I can carry what I need to survive,
and I can make it through the day without
getting too tired,
but if you set me against an athlete,
I’d get destroyed.
Fallout 4 makes me actually reckon
just how lackluster
I probably am.
Oh well –
one day, my charisma will rocket up to 9,
and I’ll have the world at my feet.
Or maybe that causes my intelligence to drop?
Oh my.
Here’s to you, Fallout –
you make me wonder
what my strengths and weaknesses are,
and how
I might improve.


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