Chill Days, 4 (309.)

Went to bed sorta early, super anxious.
Woke up super early, anxious for a different reason.
Had two remote presentations today,
and even though I’m good at winging it,
I was super nervous.
The butterflies were trying to eat my stomach.
Weird but interesting factoid:
I had to take a shit
about twenty minutes before each presentation.
Strange congruities.
Between presentations, I checked
the fucking news
and it looked way better than I thought it did the night before.
The electoral college hadn’t fucked us,
like I thought it would.
We’ve also still got the popular vote.
And, in a way that is fucking glorious
after I just told my new co-worker from out-of-state
that Nevada tends to be too purple for my liking,
Nevada is the crucial state.
As it tends to be.
A little too close to call, at least right now,
but hey, at least
it looks like we’re blue.
Sweet Jesus, let us keep leaning that way,
so we can eventually run toward progression.


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