Chill Days, 2 (307.)

We just, we just keep
looking at everything through the lens
of constructs,
if Mother Nature does something tonight,
we describe it as “pre-election phenomenon,”
when that process would have happened
with or without an election,
okay, yeah,
it’s impossible to deny that we have an impact,
holy fuck we definitely have an impact,
the whole damn planet is burning
and the ozone is opening up
to let literal death rays in,
okay they’re not, like, created to kill us,
but when they breach our atmosphere
we won’t survive,
so yeah, we do affect all kinds of previously
natural phenomena,
but like,
what the hell is a pre-election snowfall?
I get it, we’re placing the snowfall
in a very specific moment
and the “pre-election” descriptor
helps us contextualize our very current happenings,
but I just, I just wish we could
let nature be, sometimes.


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