Spooktown, 25 (299.)

Every day I drink water,
and sometimes I talk about water,
and at least once every two days I
run water all over my body
for a good cleanse.
Many times a day I run water
all over my soapy hands
to keep myself safe in these troubled times.
Depending on where I am
(either at the office or at home),
I’ll run water through ground coffee beans
at least a few times a week,
maybe a handful;
the coffee maker at the office makes
single cups at a time,
while I make a whole damn pot
at home, and I reheat the leftover coffee.
I know it’s not the best way to make good coffee,
but it’s caffeinated and it tastes all right to me.
Anyway, back to water.
I use water to clean my teeth,
at least once a day,
usually twice a day, but I admit
that I forget sometimes.
My schedule may have become looser,
a little (okay, a lot)
more nebulous, but there’s one thing
that hasn’t changed:
I use water all the damn time.
It really is the stuff of life.
I’m mostly proud of drinking water consistently;
my water bottle goes with me everywhere,
and I make a point
of draining its contents into my body
twice a day, every day.
Slowly, surely, I hope I learn
to use water efficiently.
This desert life has me
loving liquids like I should.


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