Spooktown, 11 (285.)

“That sounds like some Henry James’ Turn of the Screw shit,”
I said as the first two episodes of the show
were explained to me.
I read the novella about five years ago,
if memory serves,
and I forgot most of the details.
But the general gist is in my brain:
governess heads to a country manor in England,
meets the two children she’ll instruct,
as well as the other folks working in the house,
and starts seeing and experiencing weird stuff.
Ghosts, figures, apparitions aplenty,
coupled with interior architecture
that makes no sense
(I’m looking at you, weird stairs).
I wish my brain could cling tighter to details,
but hey –
I got the general idea right.
It’s taking all of my willpower
not to watch the final episodes of the show,
but I’ll get there;
here’s to you,
The Haunting of Bly Manor.


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