Spooktown, 10 (284.)

I forgot how much I enjoy
meandering through decrepit houses,
checking every room for secrets
and gathering items along the way.
It might be a video game thing,
mixed with a horror thing,
and this month is perfect for it.
The scary shows are coming out,
and everyone wants to play
the freaky board games
featuring ghosts, monsters, and intergalactic
invaders of all kinds.
It’s finally my time,
though I sometimes try
to make spooky time, all the time.
I wear a Dracula shirt pretty frequently.
I went through a several-years-long phase
in which I devoured horror stories
by the bookload.
Before I donated a bunch of my old books,
I had shelves upon shelves
of creepy literature.
Who am I kidding?
Most of the books that I kept,
they’re the horror books.
Oh genre of genres,
king of kings,
most beastly of all influences!
Put a chill in my spine
and shivers in my bones,
please and thank you.


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