The Fall, 8 (252.)

Sun suffuses skin with warmth
and good feeling,
so please,
take some time outside
if you need healing.
Rest is good too,
so please,
go to bed on time
and sleep for hours.
Eight hours might be enough,
but go for the full nine if you can.
Forget running all those yards,
unless that’s what you’re into.
Do whatever exercise
makes you feel good,
eat nice food,
and sit down with something
that grabs your attention.
A book, a magazine,
an article, comics,
graphic novels,
graphic anything,
games and descriptors
and stories of all kinds.
Just, live
a good, soft life
if you can.
Only destroy when you have to,
and destroy
only that which deserves it.
Transfer and transform
all the negative energy you find
into something that’s
absorbed and repurposed by the sun.
Become the sun –
spread warmth and life.


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