The Pride Before, 22 (235.)

Whether ’tis nobler
to go to sleep early
and wake up before noon,
or to stay up late again
and force oneself awake
after a handful of hours –
it is difficult to say.
For health,
it is surely better
to sleep long
and well.
A small, measured approach
dictates that one
go to bed a little earlier every night
and wake up a littler earlier every day;
this is the attempt at
incremental improvement.
This does not always work well;
sometimes it is just best
to sleep at the same time
and force a drastic, early awakening.
This, ideally,
makes one tired
so they may sleep earlier the next night,
get comfortable with the morning.
There’s a lot of work to do,
and not a lot of willpower.
One thing at a time,
one day at a time.
All is well.


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