The Pride Before, 13 (226.)

When the page is upside-down,
their wand holds them to the earth,
and they may fall
into the yawning cloud abyss
before their labors yield fruit.

This is the effect of frenzied
creation, the summoning of a capable golem
through sheer willpower – maybe
the proper steps weren’t taken,
and now
this creature’s construction
shows a shoddy craft and limited

Alas, despite grand intentions,
a lack of intricate designs
will leave this body in shambles.
No blueprint, no plan, just bolts and song;
this is the way to string a populace along.

Next time, the page may set aside their wand,
and leave it by the door.
They’ll set a small table on the floor,
one that’s flat with a smooth surface,
and they’ll write, and draw,
and imagine every piece fitting together.
The creation will stand strong,
even in destructive weather.

Longevity is often
a child of good planning.


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