Litanies Against Dying, 20 (202.)

Sometimes it’s more about the skeleton
than the clothes it wears,
what’s the framework for all this?
I swear
the next time some two-bit thespian
throws pretty lines at me
with no substance to back them up,
I’ll buy the whole damn theater –
I love that stuff.

Small jokes aside, everything is better
with a good foundation.
How else will one build something magnificent?
Look to the bones to figure
what materials the place can carry,
then look to the soul –
hopefully, it’s deep yet airy.
A heart will pump oceans of
good ideas through and through,
and all these rest upon the bones,

Set up avenues
for adventure and play,
halls for dancing and discussing
and keeping boredom at bay.
Make sure you have a good place
to sit with a needy cat,
and room to throw toys
that a dog can bark at.
If people ask what you produce,
tell them in full truth:
the good stuff – happiness.


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