Litanies Against Dying, 13 (195.)

Search for sky incessant in the mind.
Prolong exposure to disappointment and failure.
Slip through sea incessant in the mind.
Extend misgivings about land erasure.
Seek out homes with boundaries, not lines.
Shrink logic to accommodate borders that whine.
Stretch heart to accept fools with time.
Sink biases to the bottom of a never-ending well.
The deeper they plummet, the easier to forget.
Understand violence. Then avoid it if you can.
Do not practice violence, lest it become a habit.
Habituate destruction in terms of growth,
that is, uproot the weeds of prejudice
and burn them to ashes; then,
plant a garden of support and love.
If it works not to build a bridge,
hammer it not;
if they teach not to guide good kids,
support them not.
Cultivation leads to transfiguration –
sow seeds of respect,
and when harvest time is at hand,
reap and share thy bountiful works.


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