Litanies Against Dying, 1 (183.)

I must not fear death.
I must see death as progressive.
I must actuate change through death.
I must not stop for death,
but I must
step into death
as though it’s a tunnel.
I must surround myself with death,
and kill every small habit
and cumbersome pattern
to break free for the future.
Every small death
is a victory against regression.
Sometimes, a little death
will stave off prolonged death
by madness.
I must hang myself every once in a while
to initiate my passage through death.
I must make it to the other side
and bear the scratches and gashes
of intense self-flagellation;
I must slough off the skin
of my old self
and grow into someone better.
I must embrace daily death
and believe that life
is constant becoming.


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