Summer Bummer, 4 (156.)

Thunder fractures courage, or
awakens wit, or
spurs glad dancing,
arms and teeth thrown upward at the sky
as if to say
“Send the flood, then,
and watch us drink it into our skin
and souls.”
The whirling dervish of atmospheric charge
can’t summon chaos into peaceful hearts.
Though they are calm, they are not
becalmed, and they step to the rhythms
of rain drumming hard on the street
and lightning cracking upraised cymbals.
They have become the symbols of accepted change,
shifting tactics and movements
to embrace the new times.
Cell phones and social media
the lightning rod,
the spark that ignites the whole thing,
but it’s really much more peaceful than that.
Excuse the heavy violent imagery.
Cell phones and social media
are the mills that keep the
beautiful masses dancing.
A misstep or upset dance partner
will cause pain,
but the people will
all through the storm.


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