That May Be, 29 (150.)

Now may not be the best time
to get political, I’ve thought to myself
dozens of times today, maybe hundreds
of tiny messages along those lines
have flitted along the wires in my brain,
and I’ve let them zip on by to shut my damn mouth.

But it, it will never be “the best time”
to say anything, or think my own thoughts,
or have my own opinions, or learn something valuable,
or move as progress (I’d say toward progress but
it’s constant move/improve-ment, not an endgoal),
and I’ve been stopped
for so long, by myself,
as in
I’ve stopped myself from participating in progress
out of fear, laziness, and contentment.

Well, what’s the cost of my contentment?
A lot of people are in a bad way.
A lot of messed up shit happens,
and no one is held accountable for that shit,
and that’s just more messed up.

I’m not all that eloquent,
but let me say right now
that now is always the best time
to say something, to think thoughts,
to have opinions, to learn something,
to move as progress.
So don’t stop yourself.

There’s about to be a trillionaire in the United States.
It’s hard to figure out how many people he employs,
(or I am just too lazy to do more than a cursory Google search)
but many of his hundreds of thousands of employees
make shit-all for money.
Lots of people clamor for a livable wage,
while a very small number of people
rake in cash by cutting costs (read: underpaying and overworking employees).
I’m not sure when
boss became a bad word, but like,
most bosses suck. Souls, money, dreams, they
all go away
as a side-effect of toil.

I started that last stanza with a different intention.
I was trying to say
the rich are bleeding the poor to death,
cops get away with outright murder,
chronically ill and diseased folks
have to pay boatloads of cash
from the boats they don’t have
just to afford meds that keep them alive;
meds that, according to statistics,
only cost a few bucks to produce and package.

So, like, why is it so fucking hard
to take care of each other?
Why is it so fucking hard
to give a shit about other people?
I’m about to read my god damn absentee ballot,
and talk to a friend about our choices this election,
and that’s
probably the bare minimum I can do.

If I could, I’d
use a trillion dollars
to build homes and gardens for people.
I’d give education to everyone.
I’d make comfortable living
free of charge,
so people could follow their dreams.

I don’t know how the system works,
in explicit detail,
but I know enough
to say that this system is fucked.
Let’s make a new one, yeah?


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