That May Be, 28 (149.)

It’s not often
that learning a skill
is considered part of one’s job,
unless it’s part of on-the-job training,
and then you get money for it.
When you want to learn something new
or develop a skill that’ll
“enhance your career,”
it’s usually done during non-work hours (read: free time).
There’s nothing wrong with learning for fun,
and some folks enjoy learning as much as they can,
but when the fun learning may be applied
to work eventually, how does one accurately describe it?
“Oh, I’m learning PhotoShop for funzies”?
“Yeah, I’m learning InDesign to pump up my resume”?
Does fun learning that applies to work count as fun?
Is this what they mean when they say they’re hustling?
How many fucking jobs does one need?
How many fucking hours should one spend on their career?
I’m fucking tired of it.
Better to find purpose
than a platform for employment.
If they end up being the same thing,
good for you – you’re one
of the lucky ones.


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