They’re stupid
the purchases I justify.
Been thinking about buying a new phone for a while now.
So I guess the purchase wouldn’t be stupid, it’s just
a long time comin’.
Thank the maker for
monthly payment plans,
’cause I can handle that slow burn
sorta deal.
Why do I need a new phone,
I half-jokingly ask myself.
The one I have now
has no fucking storage left,
and I realize I can upgrade these things,
and jump into the cloud with the rest of the tech-savvy folks,

wait a second, I’m not tech-savvy.


So I guess I’ll think not hard enough
about how nice it would be
to capture pictures and video and
still have memory left to download some games
and here I go,
I’m looking into my options.
Welcome to the 21st century, dude.


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