Grumpy sort of day,
I put the Nintendo Switch away
so I could eat and relax.
I had to face some facts:
video games for hours on end
are not always enjoyable.
I became restless, I wanted to get up
and fill my belly
and do something aside from move the control stick around.
So I made food,
dunked tasty bread in artichoke dip,
and I refilled my water bottle.
These tiny acts
are enough to reset a perturbed mind.
I found some peace, once again,
and I focused more on what my mind was saying.
There is no need to rush around
and frustrate oneself in a video game,
Animal Crossing,
which is designed to last for years.
If I play a life simulator
and I run around until I’m stressed out,
then what does that say about my real life?
Do I overwork myself?
Do I forget to take breaks?
Upon reflection, I find the answer
is yes.
So I choose now
to step away from stress
that I create and compound myself.
I want to listen to myself and my inner voice
so I take the day one step at a time,
and I move at a deliberate pace.
Peace is the place for me.


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