It’s like I’m in school again,
but not really,
’cause I’m online like everyone else.
Though, when I think about the past fifteen years or so,
I can generalize and say
the best learning has been happening online anyway.
So, yeah, it’s like I’m in school again.
Film editing 101.
I keep saying film like this is some kind of artistic endeavor,
but it’s just some random rambling
playing at education
and hoping people enjoy it.
Video editing 101.
If I can pull this off in two hours,
I’ll be ready for work.
I mean, this is technically part of work – messing around with new software.
I can never tell how long people actually want me to stay in
this “learning” phase.
Do they want me to do it well?
Or just muddle through?
I’m a fan of DIY slogs, so I’m just gonna muddle through.
And hope for the best.
Always muddle, always try, always


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