Step 28 (88.)

Avoid the void, I think most people say.
Not in those exact words, but when they say
“It keeps me going,”
“Do what you gotta do,”
“Have a good day,”
and so
on and so forth.
The viscera of et cetera
leaving behind that trail of blood …
leading right to the culprit,
a hole in a whole phrase that will likely lead to a death sentence.
What of the memento mori?
Is it best to leave the skull on a sign,
as a sign,
to assign that spot the task of warning heated flesh and pumping
blood away?
Perhaps it is best,
to keep the breathers breathing.
So we leave those dots of blood, to mark the wrong rites of passage,
’cause this is one threshold you won’t want to cross.
No matter how bright the light shines.
You always hold the ticket to this trip,
so why not stay a while?
Wander thee through these hinterlands
and see all there is to see.
Feel the motions of emotions swimming along your nervous system.
Decorate the cave in your skull before your skull caves in,
make it as cozy as can be,
’cause that final journey
leads to a darkness that light can’t banish.
So, please, fellow travelers, for now
avoid the void.


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