Step 10 (70.)

We have seen great halls give way to churches,
and sacred forest grounds provide platforms for worship,
and in this hazy place our newfound crypts of love
radiate pathways to fresh forms of holy sacrament.
Whether one believes in one great healer
or in many spiritual powers
(and I know not what the somnambulist believes),
there is no denying the overwhelming verisimilitude
of the stars themselves.
They shine as current fires,
though they project from beyond;
every now and then a spiral arm of light
reaches from the distant void
and I try to scream against the silence of space.
To no avail. We are seared by star fire,
yet the sensation that washes over us
is pleasant in its neutrality.
No pain, no change, just embrace.
Beyond expectations and shadows,
nebulae and black holes dot the cosmos
while the stars gleam without a word.
The distant solar storms and speeding asteroids
may be great entities at play,
and just in case,
I bow my head.


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