Step 7 (67.)

Fronds of rainbow luminescence mate earth and sky.
Gigantic jellyfish float with clouds,
so waves and winds coalesce as one
and the air is liquid is air all at once –
states of matter be damned,
or so the somnambulist must think.
Grass shifts from green to blue to indigo
and goes back again, dancing black
as a flash of light rends previous knowledge.
Nothing as it seems,
nothing, as it seems,
becomes a vessel for everything,
and one substance stands in for several.
The double-duty makes following difficult,
but our friend continues their journey,
as sure-footed and blurry as ever
with silent breaths bridging the waking and sleeping realms.
Do they know what is real?
Do they go to sleep with zeal?
What energy does it take to play in these places?
A-wandering still they go,
and it is ours to follow.


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