Step 6 (66.)

Gnashing and tearing, shrieking and bubbling,
a light growing bright before flashing to nothing,
jagged teeth and ragged reefs,
too many arms to count,
anemones trying to sprout,
breathtaking rock formations,
breathtaking undersea libations,
ambrosia spouting forth from a psychedelic neon whale,
gods sleeping, God’s sleeping, one entity waits dreaming,
gods fucking, God’s fucking, the devil titters at all the tentacles,
did anyone use protection, probably not,
a sperm whale and a sperm wail cause doctors to trot,
dolphins don stethoscopes,
some birthing’s in the making,
all these trenches for the taking,
crabs pinch plots in land grabs,
we’ll be drowning in real estate
if only the somnambulist and me
could use proper grammar
and swing proper hammers
in this kaleidoscopic nightmare
drifting inside the sea,
but for now we seek cows,
there’s the grass again,
land ho.


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