Step 5 (65.)

Around and around
this vexed sleeper goes,
is it possible they’ve been hexed?
Only the somnambulist knows,
and we left the blizzard blanket behind us a good while back.
It is difficult to remember
how many realities we dismembered
to reach the swirling center of these woods.
What power, this pastiche portrays,
what vivid and transformative transportation!
We count the potential merry beasts:
a penguin, a skylark, a sparrow, a squirrel,
bears of various form and hue,
innumerable insects and microbes imbued
with flight,
and who knows how we jaunted here and there?
We think through sensation,
and we sense a shifting sea.
How lucky are we,
to be sleepswimmers for the nonce!
The feeling of fins sprouting
inspires confidence in this outing.


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