Hello, and hello again.

Well. It’s been a long time, eh? For those of you who have read a thing or two I’ve written, I am sorry; it’s been about a year and a half since I threw any of my thoughts into this blog. I am alive and well, I promise you this. To be fair to any new readers, and maybe just to clear the air, I’m gonna use this post to (re-)introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Chris and I’m a 29-year-old dude who attempts to live in the desert jewel-in-the-rough that is Reno, Nevada. I say I attempt to live because some days feel more like a slog, and I behave in a way that may be likened to a zombie shambling from food source to food source. Slow. Desperate. Weirdly focused. On what, you ask? Let’s answer that with a list-like thing!

  1. I play video games.

Yep, if you hadn’t guessed already, I play video games. They’ve been a big part of my life thus far, and despite some close calls a few years back, I haven’t put them down for good. Maybe they’re more like zombies than I am, persisting even when things look grim. Especially when things look grim. All I said was that I haven’t put video games down for good and all of a sudden they’re undead … my mind likes to wander. Anyway, the majority of my posts cover my video game escapades, but I indulge in more hobbies that should probably be mentioned here.

2. I read books.

“Wow, Chris! You seem to like things that keep you far away from people!” Well, that’s true. I’m something like a zombie, remember? If I get too close to people, I might bite. That’s only half a lie, but I really do enjoy my introverted, introspective pastimes. Since I was a child, I’ve had a tendency to divide my alone time between books and video games. I have a hard time acclimating to even one tiny nook in our great big world, yet I devote hours upon hours to committing myriad virtual worlds to my brain space. I wonder what it would look like if it could manifest outside my skull? Let’s not take that one too literally, folks.

3. I play board games.

A while back, back in the days when I half-heartedly tried to revive this blog the first time, I was dating someone. Before we tried each other out, she dated a guy whose father is way into Euro games. Are you lost yet? I’m sorry, I know these details are too much for anyone but me to care about. Long story cut a bit shorter, that woman broke up with me, but I ended up continuing the weekly board game nights with her other ex’s dad. Most of us call him Pops. He’s a great dude, and he graciously lets me raid his fridge for soda, his chip stash for bucketfuls of tortilla chips, and his relatively impressive game collection for good times. Some weeks I have to take a break from the board games, but those weeks are few and far between. I suppose board games are one of the few, new constants in my life.

4. I play tabletop role-playing games.

I finally got around to giving the ol’ grandpappy of video games a try. What is that, some of you may be asking? Dungeons & Dragons, of course! Y’know, D&D … DnD … DunDa? Dee ampersand Dee? I typically say it as DnD, but I prefer to type out D&D because the ampersand makes it look more complicated than it actually is. And it turns out, that’s how the game is, too. The first time I rolled a D20, I was sweating bullets because I thought I’d made a bad decision, or flubbed some simple thing, but, uh … D&D is actually pretty rad. The only difficult part is creating a character and getting through some number crunching, and maybe getting into character for a session … it’s hard to explain. The point of this role-playing themed rambling is to say that I play D&D now, I love it, and I’m giving Cyberpunk 2020 a try. Tabletop rpgs are dope as fuck, and I see where a lot of the early video game developers got a lot of their ideas.

5. I’m a cat man.

Not, like, a half-man, half-cat thing. I’m just a man who really likes cats. Like, I like dogs, too, but I’ve always preferred felines to the canines. I can get along with dogs, but I love cats. You’ve heard all of these phrases before, and they’re still true. For me, that is. They might not be true for you, and that’s one of the beautiful things about existence, no? We all have different preferences, likes and dislikes, tastes, touches, and so on. I live with my brother, and we live with a cat named Willow. She’s super adorable, and super needy. She wants one of us right beside her while she eats. Like, every time she eats … she may have some attachment issues, but that’s okay. Every night I fall asleep, she’s right there with me. Just another awesomely new and fuzzy constant in my life.

6. I’m also a plant man.

Not, like, a half-man, half-cat, half-plant thing. I’m just a man who really tries to keep plants alive. Our apartment was looking sort of drab, and I’ve always enjoyed good green plants, and at some point within the last year Pops decided his big-ass rubber tree plant needed a good trim. So he offered me his rubber tree cuttings. I looked into rooting those suckers, and after some rough trial and error which I thought may end up doing the plants in and proving once and for all that I have a deadly thumb, I managed to keep the two beauties alive. They’re in our living room, flanking my brother’s spider plant and getting taller by the week. I can keep plants alive, and that makes me feel … well, I was gonna say “like a god,” but I really just feel satisfied. It’s a good feeling, keeping something beautiful and practical alive.

7. I’m a cashier.

Yeah, I’ve gotta talk about work eventually. Unfortunately, the capitalist system into which I was born demands that I perform some sort of drudgery to earn scant dollars to then funnel to people and institutions who wield an inordinate amount of power over me and the ways in which I live and … you get the picture. I don’t particularly like how skewed things are in favor of corporations and landlords, but uh, I need to eat and I want to have a decent amount of walls keeping me warm and comfy at night. You know, four walls, with a floor and a ceiling to bottom and top things off. It’s not that I want to be boxed in, but I don’t have the money necessary to buy a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece dwelling, or, like, pay architects and construction crews to summon my dream house from the aether with blood, sweat, and tears (and massive checking accounts!). So I make do with what I can afford. Which is a modest apartment for rent. I am thankful that I can manage this much, but hopefully, I’ll reach a point where I’m more in control of my life path.

This is probably enough list-like ranting for now, yes? I plan to update this blog at least once a week, and I want to do it on the same day/night every week. What’s today? Tuesday? Okay, it’s gonna be an “every Tuesday at the very least” sort of thing, then. I have all kinds of video game-related updates to give you. I have a bunch of weird, incidental stories to share. I just have a lot of words I want to put out there, whether you’re reading them or not.

Let’s keep on living and loving, folks.


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