Sometimes, This Guy Doesn’t Play Games

It’s funny that I began this blog to chronicle, if I remember how I put it correctly, my struggle to balance my entertainment life and my real-world responsibilities. I say it’s funny because I spend an inordinate amount of time writing about the video games I happen to be playing. I mean, this is One Guy Plays Games, but come on – real life is important too.

That being said, my real life has taken an interesting turn. To put it bluntly, I ran out of money a few weeks ago. I’ve spent so many years getting scholarships for my education that I haven’t had to schlep at a “real” job for, well, almost four years. I know, I live a pampered life, I don’t know what struggle is, and so on and so forth …

Except, well, I’m still in the center of a burning crucible here. I’m being forged into something and someone completely new. When I get out of this state of flux, I’ll be stronger than, like, Samus and Link and Mario combined.

Seeing that my money would dwindle to nothing sooner rather than later, I began the interesting process of working with a temp agency to find jobs. After proving that my data entry skills suck, I told my representative at the agency that I’ll take just about any job they can give me.

Thus, I became a temporary landscaper.

The assignment, which began as a two-week venture, has now stretched to three weeks and may bite into a fourth week. The pay is strangely high, but that could have something to do with sending a stripling to marinate in the sun and toss big-ass branches into trailers for eight hours a day. Forty hours a week. Full-time work, even when it’s temporary, is grueling stuff.

I’ll start my third week on this job tomorrow, and I have mixed feelings about it. As I said, the pay is great, but man, the work is monotonous and a little painful. My arms are scratched up ’cause I don’t wanna wear long sleeves in the sun. The skin on my face and my arms is tan because, as it turns out, being outside for long stretches of time starts to turn even a nerd like me into something pretty. The love of my life tells me that I’m losing weight, which is a problem because I was already scrawny before I started this job. I’m becoming a weird tan skeleton man …

And I’m making decent money. Yesterday, I sunk a decent chunk of my first paycheck into buying strong primer and painting over the awful sharpie artwork in my old bedroom at my parents’ house. Word to the wise: don’t use permanent marker on walls. Even after working hard all week, I spent my Saturday working hard to fix things I messed up as a youth. I’m feeling strangely adult and responsible, and I’ve only been working a temp job. Imagine how I’ll feel with a permanent gig!

Which brings me to my next point. This temp job is great for getting me quick funds for an emergency, and it’s gonna pay the rent for at least a month or two. Maybe three if I spend wisely. But, you know, I still need a decent job. That might be a post for later though – I’m in the process of finding work right now, and with a month to go before my final year of college begins, I’ve got to start bringing in steady paychecks as soon as I can.

So yeah, life is funky, and a little tedious sometimes, but it’s weirdly rewarding. I like it that way. Keep on living the lives you love, everybody.


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