Back in the Writing Chair Again

Well hello. It’s been almost two years since I typed any sort of update for this blog, and I’m getting the distinct urge to catch everyone (read: no one) up to my current state of pixelated affairs. I’ll try to keep this brief, since a whole lot has happened in my gaming life (lives, more like) since I last wrote an entry here.

First things first, I sold almost all of my gaming consoles and many of my games themselves. Long story short, I made a change in my life, ending a six-and-a-half-year relationship that wasn’t making me happy or fulfilling me too much, and I started spending more time with people in the real world – you know, friends, classmates-turning-into-friends, acquaintances-who-may-become-friends … the list could go on, but in short, I tried to embrace real world interfacing. The thing about going into the real world and spending time with folks, though, is that it tends to get sort of expensive, and, in all honesty, I needed money pretty bad at that point. I’m not trying to say I sank into desperation and sold my video game supplies, but I am trying to say that my want of money was a factor in selling most of my games. However, that’s not the only reason I wanted to be rid of the majority of my games.

See, I’ve long struggled with the collector’s mindset that is so easily cultivated by gaming, and by most hobbies, really. I had amassed, over the years, various stacks of games that mostly just sat on shelves in my room and gathered dust. If games weren’t stacked in my room, the newfangled digital age ensured I had oodles of titles sitting in the menus of each of my gaming consoles, downloaded and ready to play. Eventually, most of my free time turned into a struggle to figure out which of the newly downloaded games to play next, and whether or not I would ever even play any of the games stacked neatly for show on my desk again, and what the merits of replaying old games might be, and … it became too much. I don’t even use Steam, thank the makers, so it’s not like my backlog was gargantuan, but there came a point where all the collecting and planning and anticipating of games was more tedious than enjoyable. So I started selling old stuff.

To put it bluntly, I now only possess a Wii U and a PS4. The Wii and most of the games for it are gone; Xbox One and the handfuls of games I downloaded on it, gone; my favorite gaming device in a long time, the 3DS, it’s gone; I also sold my DS Lite and most of my old games. Maybe it’d be easier to say what I have: the Wii U and a plethora of Virtual Console games (alas, yes, for the most part my Wii U is a giant storage device for old school games). The PS4 is relatively new and I don’t own any physical copies of games for it; rather, I borrow whichever game my brother isn’t playing currently, and I download a new game every now and again just for fun.

The hard truth, or maybe it’s more of a beautiful revelation, is that I don’t really feel too strong a desire to play games all the time. I still talk the talk, and if a controller is in my hands maybe I can walk the walk, and I’ll always consider myself a gamer, but my priorities have undergone a massive shift. I’ve spent so much time in wonderfully crafted and realized virtual worlds, but right now the real world is more compelling to me. I am amassing a small backlog for those times when the outdoors are cold or uninviting or just not too appealing, and while the summer is still clinging to life I’m in the midst of Dark Souls III; as I said, I’m not entirely done with games, I just don’t want to devote as much time to them as I used to.

I’m gonna trek my ashen ass all around Lothric and dual-wield scimitars until my journey is at its end; then I might Hyper Light Drift, er, wander around this mysterious land in Hyper Light Drifter until that journey reaches its end, and then I’m gonna piss myself and let my imagination leak terror into my heart while I go Inside the Orwellian maw made bloody and raw by Playdead Games’ efforts. In short, I’m gonna keep living and keep gaming and keep loving.

Y’all should do the same.